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How To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment?

How To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment?

How To Earn Money Online Without Any Investment?

Earn money online is One of the most important aspects of our life. Everyone in this world wants to earn thousands of lacs of money each month. People have the desire to buy their dream car, house and so on. The Internet has opened the gate for everyone who wants to earn money online. This is the main reason people spend their precious time on the internet in order to learn, how to earn money online without paying a single penny. Nowadays people spend countless hours doing different types of work to earn to fulfill their basic needs.


“ If anyone asks you to deposit money for registration/online job, just give a cold shoulder to that, It is a scam.”


Here we have some tips for all the aspirants who are interested in making money online with little or no investment at all. Today I am going to discuss some of the greatest and easiest ways that will help you will earn a handsome amount of bucks by spending few hours.


Let’s move ahead to your guide:-


But before I move ahead I would like to clear you that these tricks which I am going to share with your requires Serious effort and Commitments from your side.


Let’s be consistent and be determined for whatever the plan you are going to choose.


Earn Money Online By Blogging


This is one of the famous and easiest ways to earn money online. But I would like to tell you that this is a long-term method, but once you start writing the blog it will become very easy and smooth. Write a very catchy and most trending blog which could help people to fulfill their needs.


Before writing any blog first you need to do is register a domain name, buy a good web hosting or you can run it on any free domain and hosting from WordPress blog or blogger blog. After doing all these things now Choose a most trending topic that you like to discuss with your audience and start your journey to earn money online.


Why you should start a blog:-


As you know blogging has been more popular to earn money online. It opens hundreds of opportunities that make you thousands of dollars.


Suppose you have started a blog related to digital marketing and you have written several posts such as what is digital marketing, Role of Digital Marketing, How digital marketing can help you grow your business and so on.


The readers of your blog who got benefited from your blog will start considering you as an expert…


Digital marketing is just an example you can write any blog you like such as cricket, affiliate marketing, SEO and so on.


Do you know what I most like about being a full-time blogger i.e it allows you to be your own boss? You can even earn money while you sleep. This is what the beauty of Blogging

Here some of the ways to earn money online by blogging are discussed, Kindly have a look below:-


You can earn by placing the advertisement from Google Adsense on your blog.


You can Make money by placing the advertisement from the local sponsor and the relevant advertiser.


You can have private Webinars, lectures and training sessions for your audience and you can charge for the same.


You can write your own paid ebook that could help your audience to gain knowledge.


You can promote products of Amazon, Flipkart etc. and active affiliate marketing that will help you to earn commission for each sale via your blog.


You can be a successful blogger if you do it with full determination…It is the best way to earn money online.


How to create a blog:


Creating a blog is not a big deal as you are assuming. It is very simple and easy. You can start it in less than an hour.


Here are the ways to create your own blog:-


  • Decide what you want to write on your blog.
  • Choose an appropriate blogging platform.
  • Adopt a good web host.
  • Take a good domain name related to your blog ( it will help you being searched on Google, Bing etc.)
  • Buy a Web hosting
  • Install WordPress & Configure hosting.
  • Start designing your blog.


Note:- Creating a blog is not free, you need to spend some amount on buying domain and web hosting.


This is how you can earn money online by blogging.


Earn Money Online From Fiverr & Freelancing


Do you know people are earning handsome bucks from freelancing? In developing countries like Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Maldives etc. freelancing has become a top-earning session.


People who don’t know about freelancing, I would like to tell you that freelancing is basically a lifestyle where there is no limit. You can work with multiple companies or association on projects or assignment based.


There are many freelancing websites ( you can Google for that ) are available in the market number of companies post projects for their specific needs to be done. What you have to do is just create your account on all those freelancing websites and start grabbing those projects. Also you, yourself can upload the services that you provide, which will help the client to choose conveniently that you offer.


Here are some of the services name that you could offer as freelancing such as :


  • Web design & Development
  • Mobile app development
  • SEO ( Search Engine Optimization)
  • SEM ( Search Engine Marketing )
  • Content writing
  • Data Entry
  • Accounting


Graphic Designing (Logo designing, infographic, cover etc.)


The list goes on…You can offer any services you are the dab hand at. If you do so then you can earn a good amount that will cater your all needs and make you happy throughout.


List of Freelancing platforms:-


  1. 1 Freelancer.in
  2. Upwork
  3. PeoplePerHour
  4. 99Designs ( Only for Graphic designers)
  5. iWriter
  6. Fiverr


Register for any of the above platforms and start finding the work.


Let’s take an example of Freelancer.in


Go to freelancer.in and register an account.


Choose your skills, Your work feed will show the jobs related to the chosen skills. You can add up to 20 skills.


Select the main category –  Select the skill under the category, You can also search for any other specific skills by using the search bar.


Skip the payment method and professional page and go to the dashboard.


Here are the following things you need to do after successful registration.


  1. Verify your email id
  2. Verify your mobile no.
  3. Complete all the details on the profile.
  4. Improve trust factor by verifying facebook, Linkedin and also by adding a payment method.
  5. Pass all required skill test certifications.


These things will help you to increase the chance of being hired by hiring companies.


Now select work from the navigation bar and click on “Project with my Skills” You will be shown the current job offerings.


You can read all the job description and place a bid on it, Being a free member you will be allowed to place only eight bids per month. If you want to increase your bid limit then go for a premium plan offered by Freelance.in


Second Method – Let the client approach you.


How you can impress any client without even saying a single word. Don’t think that it is difficult, it is very easy and simple to do so… All you need to do is just show your talent to the potential clients. If you show off your skills and an impressive work that you have done in past, you can easily impress the client.


How can you do it?


You can simply do it by creating your own website and publish your portfolio.


Whenever any client reaches your website he will be impressed by watching your portfolio and reading your blog posts. It will help you to be considered an expert in the respective field.


If you want any client to contact you to hire then you can place a contact us page on your website, that will grab the attention of client to contact you.


What all things you need to mention in your portfolio are:-


  1. Brief introduction and Photo
  2. Specialties (Skills, Experience etc. )
  3. Work Examples that you have worked for your previous clients.
  4. The process of your work
  5. Contact information
  6. Education, Certificates, Awards
  7. Social Media accounts


Fiverr is also such a big freelancing marketplace offering services at 5$. This Website named Fiverr is generally used by all those freelancers who offer cheap services in a stipulated time frame.


At the current moment, Fiverr is having more than 4.5 million gigs and the number is constantly being growing day by day. So what all the services you are perfect at you can simply utilize your all those services using Fiverr.  It is the greatest way to earn money online without investing any money.


Earn Money By Selling Course Online


If you good at a particular field of knowledge or you have particular skills in which you are the dab hand at, then you can utilize your skills and knowledge by selling to the customers who really need that.


You can make a video and upload that video to the most trending channel named YouTube. By uploading your video you can help other people. It will help you to earn handsome bucks. Also, there is a site named UDEMY where you can upload and sell your course. There is the number of people who are earning good bucks through it. There are many people who didn’t even attend any school in his life and their course is being recommended all over the world.


So you can also become like all those people who are being benefited by selling their course online and can earn money online without spending any money.


Earn Money Online From Content Writing


If you are fond of writing then you can write the article for others and earn money online. If you love writing and good in English with correct grammar then you can make the most of it by writing for other. Content writers are high in demand. They are paid according to the words. The more you write the more you earn.


However content writing is time-consuming as it requires extensive research to write about any particular topic. Nonetheless, it is a very good source of making money online. But the very good thing is it requires no investment, all you need to do is write a few articles and send to all the potential customers who are in search of that particular content. If you write a good content you can be hired by the companies which hire the freelancer to their website. So don’t wait just make the most of your time by writing good content and earn money online.


Start Selling Services to earn money online


Selling online services are becoming more and more online. Nowadays people are willing to by services online than go outside. Obviously, it requires little or less investment to sell services online rather than offline. If you have the right skills then you can simply make the most of it to utilize it in a right way.


For Example:


  • You can do CV designing for others
  • You can make assignments.
  • You can give online coachings to required candidates.
  • You can sell your own made recipes.


And the list goes on…


Paid To Click (PTC)


If you work with Paid to Click sites (PTC) then it could be a great way to earn money online. There is no need for investment to work with these kinds of PTC sites. It is very easy to start and there is no requirement of technical experience to work with these sites. You can easily start working as soon as you register with PTC sites.


How you can start working with PTC sites:


Working with PTC sites is very easy and simple. All you need to do is register your account on PTC sites and then you will be asked to confirm your email id. Open your email id and click on the confirm link.


After this, you just need to monitor it for the given period, the more ad you see the more money you can earn. The most important thing is while working with these paid to click site is to create account PayPal to receive payment. Because PTC sites send you money in your PayPal account. After receiving payment through PayPal account you can withdraw that money from your bank.


Let’s have a look one of my favorites and legitimate PTC sites i.e NeoBux


Follow the procedure to work with NeoBux site:


  • First Step – Open NeoBux Website – then click on the register button


  • Second step – Register for an account after clicking on the register button – Enter all your information such as username, password, email id, PayPal email id, birth year and verification code. – then click on the continue button – You will get a unique code through NeoBux – Go in your email id and copy the code and paste it in the verification field – After this click on the Log In button by filling username and password.


  • Third Step – Click on the Advertisement – In your NeoBux dashboard click on the view advertisement button – there you will see several numbers of ads – All you need to do is simply click on any ad box and you will see a small image – Just click on that image and the advertisement will be there in a new window. –After Few seconds your account will be credited with some amount such as $0.001 and you will get the message for same. –


Just click on all the ads on the daily basis to earn more.


Note:- Don’t open more than one ad, if you do so, money will not be credited.


After earning at least $2 you will be able to transfer the money into your PayPal account.


Here are some more PTC sites name kindly have a look below:-


  1. ClixSense
  2. ScarletClicks
  3. GPTPlanet


Physical Assets


There are many platforms where you can sell your physical items


  1. 1.Olx
  2. Quikr
  3. Craigslist


You may have used any of these platforms to sell your products. These are such a good platform to earn handsome bucks.


All you need to do is just find out the things that you have not used for the last six or more months. Figure out the items that you are not going to use in the future.


Just go to Quikr, Olx and place all those things that you want to sell.n Submit your free ad.


By Doing this you will start getting calls from the people who need those things. And make a good deal with them and earn handsome bucks.


Make sure while filling the ad form at least put 4-8 photos of your item that you are going to sell out and provide the correct contact information So that it could not hurdle buyer to contact you. Also be active, if you do so then it will help you to give a good deal.


Sell Stock Photos


There are millions of people who are interested in stock photos for their different purpose.


Here is the list of a few websites where you can become a contributor to sell your stock photos:-


  1. Shutterstock
  2. 123rf
  3. Adobe Stock
  4. Deposit Photo


The list goes on……You can apply to become a contributor to apply any of the above-mentioned websites.


Your application will be reviewed by the moderator, if you get accepted then for every sell of your photo you will be given commission.


There are few platforms where your real identities will be required such as driving license, PAN no., Passport or any other government issued an identity card.


So this is how you can earn money online by doing some efforts. Be consistent and never give up in the middle of the work.


Start YouTube Channel


There are lots of people who are earning millions of dollars from YouTube. It is the best Platform to show your talent and earn money online. YouTube is owned by Google.com.


All you have to do is just create your YouTube channel by using your Gmail id… After creating your YouTube Channel just start uploading the videos that interest your audience.


  • But I must tell you that earning money from YouTube is not a Cake Walk. It requires a lot of hard work. To earn money online from YouTube you will have to be consistent. If you are helping your audience then what all the videos you will upload, those videos will start being liked by your audience. That will help you to monetize from YouTube.


YouTube is a social engagement platform. If you really want to earn money then your goal should be creating helpful videos that could engage your audience. If your video is helpful then your videos will be liked, viewed and subscribed more and more to your audience. This is the main factor of earning through YouTube.


Google Latest update has made this work of earning online little difficult.


“According to the new rule imposed by Google, the new channels will need to have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time within 12 months to be eligible for ads.”


It means you will have to put more effort to make your channel trending by uploading most trending and helpful videos. Then only you will be able to make your channel eligible to show ads.


If your channel is not eligible for ads then you can earn money online on YouTube with affiliate marketing.


YouTube Content Idea:


You should always create a content and videos that you are really passionate about. Here I am going to share some of the content ideas that you can work on….


  • Comedy ( Standup Comedy)
  • Sing a Song
  • Tell a Story
  • Motivational Speech
  • Fitness
  • Remedies for the diseases.

The List goes on… You can choose anyone you are the dab hand at.


How can you create a YouTube Channel?


Creating a YouTube channel is very simple and easy. All you need to do is by using your Google Account ( Gmail id) you can create your YouTube Channel.


After making your account just Login to your account simply by clicking on Sign In button that you can find located at the top-right-corner> After Sign just click on the photo ( top-right-corner) to open the menu> Now Click on “My Channel” Link.


You can start your channel by using your name or your brand name.


If you are interested to create your channel with your name then you need to click on “CREATE CHANNEL” button or If you want to start your channel with your brand name then click on the “Use a business or Other name “ Link.


Then on the next screen fill either your business or brand name and after that click on the create button. When your channel will be created then it will ask you to verify your mobile number. Then you will have to verify your number by entering the OTP you will receive on your mobile.


You should customize your channel to stand out, So Click on the Customize button located left to creator studio on top-right.


After this, you need to upload the channel image. That image should be 2560pixel 1440 pixel according to YouTube.


You also need to upload your channel icon which will be your brand logo. After this, all you need to do is just add your channel description and link to your website and other social media accounts. So that it could help you to viral your video.


At the time of uploading the video, you need to keep in mind that the Title, Description, and Tags should be catchy and according to your audience perspective.


Here I would like to tell you that YouTube income depends on many factors such as:


  1. The number of ad views.
  2. The country where the video has been viewed.
  3. A number of advertisement available.


I would just like to guide you that you really want to earn money from YouTube then you need to be consistent. And Create useful and engaging videos, Publish high quality and informative videos and give your best to increase the number of subscribers.


This is all you need to do is to earn money online from YouTube. If you follow all the rules that I have mentioned then you can earn a very good amount of bucks…

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